U64 Streamer

Last update: 21-7-2019 – V1.2

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Video, image & audio capture
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What can I do with this?

With the new Ultimate 64 firmware (>=1.1c) there is an option to receive video frames & audio over a network connection at 50fps.

You can use this tool to capture those frames into an image or video file.

You also can use this application to stream with OBS to twitch, youtube, facebook, etc..

Current version / Download

Current version: 1.2

The current version is optimized for PAL signal, NTSC is on the to do list.


Unzip file to a folder on your computer, and start U64-Streamer.exe.


Jimmy (DusteDdk) made a Linux viewer, more info check:



If there are Mac developers please contact me, maybe we can combine forces.

How to use this tool (features)

  1. Start / stop stream
  2. Start / stop video capture (recorder)
  3. Capture image
  4. Capture audio stream to wave file
  5. Show statistic window
  6. Edit settings
  7. Show about window

Video, image & audio capture

Captures are placed into the capture sub folder.

Statistic window

yeah.. what can i tell about this.. You can see if there is packet loss..


To change the capture settings, you have to stop the stream first.

  • Video mode, now only PAL (later update NTSC support)
  • Video frame buffer (default=9)
    • Slow down video frames to get video & audio in sync.
    • Lowest video frame buffer size is 1, highest 99.
      1 Buffer is needed to receive image from stream.
  • Start U64 streams remotely (default=off)
    • If enabled the streams on the U64 will start after this tool is started.
  • U64 IP address (static)
    • Set ip address to start streams remotely.
      Here you can see the IP address of the U64.
  • Image size
  • Video
    • Video codec
    • Video image size


How to setup stream from Ultimate 64

Video by The Highlander

Setup steps

  • Press the multi button
  • Press F5 to open menu
  • Select Start VIC Stream

Enter it like (see image), 11000 is the listening port of the tool so that is required. = computer that is going to receive the stream.

Now the stream is send from the U64 to the given IP address.

To stop the stream, go backup to the F5 menu and select Stop VIC Stream

Where can I find my IP address within Windows

The easiest method is to open the command line by pressing Windows Key+R, type cmd, press enter.

Type: ipconfig | more in the command line, press enter

That’s all folks! 🙂

You now can safely close the window..


If you have a firewall active on your computer, please add a port exception for port 11000 (UDP).


  • NTSC support optimization
  • Add audio to video capture


Show change log..


  • Ultimate 64 Firmware: >= 1.1c
  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8.x, 10
  • .NET Framework 4.5.1


  • Gideon Zweijtzer for the Ultimate 64
  • Marco Van de Meulenhof for the nice logo used in this tool
  • Wouter Bovelander for testing
  • Dennis de Weerd (DDW) for testing

Bug report

Please use my contact form to send me bug reports.

Open source

This tool will be opensource when all the (basic) feature are ready.

Useful tools

OBS Studio: https://obsproject.com/

Video editor: https://www.openshot.org/