Videopac G7200 – display not good and no audio

Got a Videopac G7200 on my bench.


  • Display shows horizontal bar
  • No audio
  • Power switch broken


This is what the display is showing.


Problem: Vertical Deflection is not good, good chance that a few capacitors are worn out.

Lets have a look on the schematic:

C51 must be 100uF, reads 62,77uF. Replaced it with 100uF

c49 must be 47uF, reads 28,9 uF,replaced it with 47uF.

Lets see if it is working again

It is working! Yes!


But I don’t hear any sound.. hmm..

Tested the speaker, no resistance on it.. so it is broken.. It must be 25 Ohm, I don’t have a 25 Ohm speaker, so I took a new 8 Ohm speaker and added a 18 Ohm resistor in serial.

That is working!

I glued the new speaker into machine, because it has another diameter.


Power Switch

New switches for the videopac are difficult to find, but luckily a friend of mine had one. It is slightly different to the original one, so I had to do some modifications to the holder.


And the Videopac is ready to make someone happy!
Thanks go out to Gert for the switch!