U64 Streamer v1.1a

U64 Streamer v1.1a


v1.1a – 07-07-2019
~ Fixed settings window issue’s

~ check on valid IP address, and issue with remote start checks

~ GUI changes

+ Added visuals to start stream and video recorder button
~ fixed window position for about and settings window
+ added button icons

+ Stream statistics
~ Optimized code

v1.1 – 02-07-2019
+ first official release
~ Various fixes, bug reports i received from users

~ Video capture: release of file handle
~ focus / minimize window / restore window problems
~ optimized stream start/stop functions

– Embeded menu: removed
+ Floating menu, so menu is always visible but not in video output window.
~ video capture window background set to black, there was a small grey line visible (not nice in OBS).
+ option to start U64 streams remotely


v1.0c Beta – 28-06-2019
+ Audio support
+ OBS compatible
+ Menu hide function
+ stream with OBS without menu
+ Framebuffer setting
+ optimize video and audio sync to slow down video frames, default buffer value=8
+ Screen resize support
~ Various small fixes and code optimization
! Video capturing is still without audio support, will be changed in the near future.

v1.0a Beta – 13-06-2019
– initial version
+ Video stream receiver
+ Image capturing
+ Video capturing

+ New
– Removed
~ Changed
! Comment

Size: 15MB
Version: 1.1a
Published: 28 June 2019