Commodore Amiga replacement parts

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Commodore Amiga replacement Parts


SIMM sockets Amiga 4000
Manufactorer: TE Connectivity / AMP

Partno. : 5822134-3

FPC connector 31pin A1200
Manufactorer: Molex
Partno.: 39-53-2315
Edge connector CD32 expansion Manufactorer: TE-Connectivity-AMP
Product number: 5650092-1link to mouser
Power Supply replacement (A500, A600, A1200)
Meanwell RPT-60B 60W power supply.
Keyboard membranes
Amiga 3000 Power connector
Mainboard connector

TE CONNECTIVITY p/n: 1-770190-0
Cable connector
15 CIR UNIV M-N-L PLUG-172171-1
TE CONNECTIVITY p/n: 172171-1
Terminal socket pins
TE Connectivity – CONN SOCKET 18-22AWG TIN CRIMP
p/n: 170366-1


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