CD32 – Totally dead

Got a Amiga CD32 for repair. It doesn’t work, no video output, power LED does not fully illuminate on powering up the machine, so no reset on Power cycle. First thing that came up in my mind was the voltage detector, replaced it and the machine boots again. But video output is totally mangled. Checked […]

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Amiga 1200 without composite

Composite of machine not working. First I though it was the CXA1145 video encoder, because all signal where present, but no composite output. The voltage of the CHROMA_OUT was very low. So the question.. what is causing this? I replaced all small components (resistors & capacitors) between CHROMA_OUT (CXA1145 pin 15) and CHROMA_IN (CXA1145 pin […]

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Amiga CD32 – works for 2-5 minutes

Problem Amiga CD32 was getting black/gray screen after 2-5 minutes. Solution The voltage at the voltage detector (U14) was getting under the threshold of 4.3V, which causes that the reset signal was pulled down, and causes the black/grey screen. I replaced the Voltage detector (u14), the 10K resistor (R629) and capacitor (C629). The last two […]

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