Power consumption Amiga boards

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Sometimes it’s good to know how much power a board draw, it can indicate something is not good if it is way off normal consumption.

Here is an overview of boards I tested:

Board/Rev Extra components Amp
A1200 rev. 1D4 1,48
A1200 rev. 1D4 Blizzard PPC (68060/Rev5) 4,18
A1200 rev. 1D3 1,66
A1200 rev. 1D3 Apollo 1230 1,95
A1200 rev. 1B 1,56
A1200 rev. 2B 1,79
A1200 rev. 2B 1,59
A1200 rev. 2B Apollo 1230 1,90

Measurement are without heavy load on board/cpu. CF card (HD) and diskdrive are attached while testing.

I will continuously update this list with new data

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