Vampire 600 v2 – Powermod

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Some Vampires V600 v2 cards have problems with stability, so there is a little fix that can solve that problem.
Powermod is only necessary on the V600 v2, the V500+ from majsta doesn’t need this.
The new V600 V2’s from Majsta don’t need it.

If the Vampire works with the Gold 2.7 FW then the powermod isn’t needed. If ain’t broken don’t fix it!

!!This fix does not solve the sync issues with HMDI!!

Open the article about the sync issue’s..

Applying powerfix

Place 2 x 220uF 16v ( or 25v ) over C1, C3 & C6

This image shows only C3 & C6


This image shows only C3 & C6
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