Ultimate64 – RGB/DUO LED

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Before we proceed.. THIS IS REAL ROCKET SCIENCE BE CAREFULL! Just kidding!!

You need:


  • RGB LED 2*5*7mm with common cathode ( you can find those at your local electronics store )
  • Header cable with enough length to cover the case width
  • Resistor 270Ω
  • Resistor 390Ω
  • crimp tubes





Preview of the colors

Choose the colors that you want to use.

To level the brightness of the color you need to add a (some) resistors.

I used a 270Ω resistor on green, green is the most bright LED on the output from the U64.

You can change the resistor values to your own taste.

The Ultimate64 power led pin output is already driven with a 260KHz PWM ( see wikipedia ) signal.
If there is drive activity the power LED is driven with 2,6V and drive activity LED with 3,2V.



Connect/solder the RGB LED like this:



I would advice you to add the resistor(s) in the middle of the cable, not as i did in my “prototype” direct soldered to the pins of the LED.

Pins of the header connector:

Left Green
Center Ground
Right Blue

I would recommend to add heat crimp tubes over all the solderjoints ( see image below )

Finished cable

Mounted LED in case


Last Updated On October 22, 2018