Amiga mainboard frequencies

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Frequenties overview

Pal system

HSync 15.625 KHz
VSync 50.00028194 KHz PAL_Hz=Systemclock/227/312.5
28Mhz 28.37516  MHz
14Mhz 14,18758
7Mhz 7.09379 MHz
Y451 4.43619 MHz
Y621 3 MHz

NTSC system

HSync 15,750 KHz
VSync 59.94005233 KHz NTSC_Hz=Systemclock/227.5/262.5
28Mhz 28.63636 MHz
14Mhz 14,31818
7Mhz 7.15909 MHz
Y451 4.43619 MHz
Y621 3 MHz


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