Vectrex – fix / refurbisch broken controller

Vectrex Joystick mounting bracket is broken.


The mounting bracket of the joystick is broken, someone glued it to the controller but it came loose. I wanted to design ( remake ) a new bracket, but a search on thingiversie was a briliant idea! Someone already designed it! 🙂 Downloaded the STL file and printed it on my 3D printer.

Open thingiverse page to get the STL file.

Printed the new bracket, and mounted it to the controller.

New wires

Replaced the wires that are connected to the potmeters, because the existing wires where a mess and not original.

Cleaning time

Cleaned the button traces on the pcb, because there was a lack of response.


The controller works again as it supposed to work.
Ohhhh, also replace the screws, they used screws with convex heads. 🙁

My controller had no decal, ordered new ones from ebay.

Open Ebay item.

New decal has arrived

update 2018-09-08


Attached new decal to the controller, and it looks awesome again!




6 thoughts to “Vectrex – fix / refurbisch broken controller”

  1. Hello.
    Glad to see you used the joystick bracket I designed (I’m Thingiversemaker Fruktodlaren by the way).
    It was made to be used for repairing controllers such as yours. Nice write up on the repair.

    1. Hi Tony,

      First of all thanks for the comment! 🙂
      I love ppl who make replacement/spare part designs and make them available for free.
      With such parts the life-span of those machines/gear can be extended!


  2. Hello! Same as JS.. I don’t have a printer, need the mounting bracket…

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