Solenoid engine build

I build a solenoid engine that is based on the design of The Pratical Engineer (Emiel Noorlander).

Project page:

Some dimensions

A: Plunger

Material: steel bar
Ø: 6mm

B: Crankshaft

Material: Aluminum strip
Tickness: 2mm

C: flywheel axis

Material: steel bar
Ø: 6mm


Little change in the electronic schematic

The design of the schematic by Emiel had a missing resistor between the mosfet Gate and Ground.
The Gate is like a capacitor, when it is loaded the Gate closes, if the current is not unloaded fast enough the Mosfet stays active.

Always add a resistor between the Gate and Ground.

I added that to my build, and informed Emiel about this.

SW2 = Toggle switch
SW2 = Momentum switch
D1 = Diode (min. 3A)
Q1 = Mosfet N-Channel, IRF530N
R1 = Resistor 10K
R2 = Solenoid

3D parts

Download then directly from the practicalengineer site.



2 thoughts to “Solenoid engine build”

  1. hello i have a question where did you put the resistor can you show it on the model And can you also post a link where you bought the parts

    1. Sorry for my late response.
      I added an extra image with 2 arrows where the resistor is located.

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