Tl866(II) 27C4096->27C322/160/800/400 adapter

Today I assemblied the new 27C4096->27C322/160/800/400 eprom adapter (v4 ) for the tl866(II) from Keir Fraser.. With this adapter you can program 27c322, 27C160, 27C800 and 27C400 eproms. The new adaptor comes with a nice rotory switch to select the bank. 27C400 eproms are not affected by the rotorty switch, and can be programmed by […]

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Amiga 600 in reboot loop

Amiga 600 which was constantly rebooting. I got this machine as a repair, someone before me tried to do a recap to the machine.. After that it was not working anymore. First thing I tried was to replace the 555 Timer (U14) and the C612 Capacitor, because this is common problem on an Amiga 600. […]

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Amiga 1200 black screen on RGB output

Black screen on RGB output can be a broken E263R Ferrite Bead (FB200). Monitor won’t get into RGB mode if there is no 5V on pin 23. I have seen several Ferrite Beads that were broken, and have a much higher resistance (impedance). After replacement 5V is restored and we have RGB signal again.  

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