DIY Fume extractor

I decided to make a simpel to build fume extractor which can be attached to a gooseneck microphone stand.

Prototype 1

ToolCraft ZD-159


A few years back I bought a fume extractor (ToolCraft ZD-159). It worked, but didn’t fit to my expectations. Very often the fume wasn’t extracted well enough, and because of that I was inhaling the fume too often. It’s not good for your (my) health so I wanted another solution. I looked into several profesional fume extractors, all (most) reviews about those fume extractors where positive. But there was one thing that was bugging me, the costs of those fume extractors.

There are very affortable and high price range versions. The low price range have some doubting reviews, often read comments where about the noise they produce, just too loud. The high price range versions where in a price range of 500-1500 euro’s, which is too much for me. So that made me decide to experiment a bit with a “normal” 120 x 120mm computer fan and a piece of carbon filter, and that surpricently worked very very well. All the fume was sucket through the carbon filter, even on a distance of 10 cm from the place I was soldering.


3D parts


Top part – Prototype 1

The slide switch preparation hole has a thickness of 0,3 mm, so it can carved out with a (stanley) knife.

Bottom part


I replaced the wires from the fan with new wires.

Just connect VCC & GND.

Connect the wire to the DC input socket, and if you want to use a slide switch to the switch.

Mount the top and bottom 3D printed files to the fan with fan screws.



Carbon filter result after few months of usage

As you can see the carbon filter is saturated (white/grey spots)  with fume residue.


Downloads / information

Download STL files

Slide switch dimension

DC socket dimension

Carbon filter

Cut the carbon  filter to 120 x 120mm


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