Amiga with 2 internal drives (gotek & diskdrive) (Poor men solution)

In this post i’m going to show you how to make it technical posible to have 2 drives (Gotek & disk drive) inside a Amiga 500, 600 or 1200.

The internal FDD header (CN11) does not have all the needed signals to add 2 drives to this header, it’s imposible to have a DF0 & DF1 at the same time on the internal header. _MTRX & _RESET  are missing. But! What can be done with a simple trick is to switch between the 2 drives, both will be seen as DF0 which makes it easy to ready ADF images from gotek and normal floppy disks. With this trick you can even use X-Copy to read a ADF image from a Gotek drive and write it back to a real disk.

In this post I uses a Amiga 600.

NOTE: Simon Vergauwen pointed me out a micronik adaptor which could provide 2 drives on DF0 & DF1 for internal usage.
If I have that info, I will add it to this post.

The basics

To achive this you need a long floppydisk cable, and alter this cable like this.

Pin 10 of the internal floppy connector (CN11) holds the _SEL0 signal, which is used to control DF0. To use two drives you need to switch this signal to one of both drives.

I used a long cable like this, and added 2 extra connectors to it:

Then I  freed the wire from pin 10 on both sides of the middle connector:

I soldered a 3 wired cable to the wires, and added some heat shrink tubes to protect the wires from shorting:

I added a switch to that cable:

Now the basics are ready. Now connect the middle connector to the board (CN11), and the other two connectors to the drives.

For the power I used some spare (left overs) power connectors and soldered them together like this:

Does it work?

Time to put everything together

The case

Because I’m going to use a Gotek and a readl floppy drive, I altered the case to add the gotek to the left side of the Amiga 600.

Result / testing

In the following video I show:

  • Load X-Copy from a real disk
  • Set both source and target to DF0
  • Set Gotek (FlashFloppy) to my Amiga Test Kit ADF image
  • Switch to Gotek drive
  • Read disk image with X-Copy
  • After the reading is done, switch to real floppy drive
  • Write Amiga Test Kit to the real disk
  • Load Amiga Test Kit from the real disk

And it works like a charm!


3 thoughts to “Amiga with 2 internal drives (gotek & diskdrive) (Poor men solution)”

  1. I always knowing that its not good to unplug/plug external disk drive because it corrupt CiA chip.
    Does this trick can make dommage to CiA chip ?

    1. It only change change select drive (_SEL0 & _ SEL1) with a switch, so for the cia it only is a “digital” change of signal on _SEL0 or _SEL1.

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