Amiga 600 IDE port replacement

Amiga 600 with HD boot problems.

This board had a recap because it leaked from the caps.
Some electrolyte leaked under the IDE header and a corroded the pins.

Sometimes after reseating the IDE cable it booted, but mostly it didn’t boot.

I removed the IDE header cleaned the mess underneath it and placed a new header (better one).


  1. Add flux to the old solderjoints of the connector
  2. Use soldering iron with a flat tip and push the pins gently out of the holes as far as they would go (see pictures)
  3. Take a desoldering iron of pump of lytze and remove the solder from the holes
  4. For the last part use hot air to heat up the left over solder that holds the connector in the holes and pull the old connector/header gently out of the holes.
  5. Place new connector and you’re ready.