Amiga 600 back alive..

Amiga 600 board is working again.


  1. No boot
  2. Video missing red signal
  3. Audio distorted and volume level is bad
  4. HD won’t boot, after recap it works again



  • Replaced 555 timer, Power On Reset.


Video signal problem

  • Replaced 1x 4r7 1.2W resistor
  • 1x trace repair to fix missing red signal, trace was broken
Removed CXA1145, with leakage under it.. Mess after removal several components cleaned it replaced components


Audio problems

  • LF347 ( opamp )
  • 5x ceramic capacitors
  • 4x resistors ( to fix the right and left volume levels )

Replaced opamp, resistor and capacitors on the audio path.

Yellow = Right audio signal, Red = Left audio signal
Compare the first and second scope image, you see that the signals on the first image are not equal to each other. On the second scope image they are.