Amiga 1200 – no boot

Got an Amiga 1200 for repair, which didn’t boot. Only red screen on composite, on RGB nothing.

Owner said there was a problem with kickstart 3.1, but diagrom dropped garbage..

Output on composite:

Checked all data/addreslines from rom sockets, all where good and clocks are detected..

Did a reflow, on Alice, Budgie, cpu, chipram and paula. Only blackscreen.

Solderjoints on some legs of the budgie..

hmmm, maybe i did this, or there was too much solder somewhere.. didn’t touched the legs with the hotair gun.

ok.. fixed the solderjoints..

we have serial output from diagrom. 🙂

And we have a picture!! 🙂

But the board isn’t stable, so there are some more problems, so let’s find out what’s the problem..

Budgie, a bit buggy..

Did a wiggle test, and it failed.. 1 loose pin on budgie

Fixed it, and wiggle test passed.


3 pads are gone under LISA, I placed a new quality socket, and connected pads to right signals



It’s getting hot..

I also replaced XC9, was getting a bit hot.



  • A reflow fixed the RED screen, but it caused another problem, a black screen.. no boot.. The reflow caused that excessive solder made some solderjoints..
  • Board is working, but unstable. Problem one loose leg from the Budgie, and some bad pads under the LISA.
  • Replaced XC9 because it got very very hot.



2 thoughts to “Amiga 1200 – no boot”

  1. hello! I am retrying to fix an 1200 … the only chip that heats up is the cpu… to eat to the touch… is that normal? no composite nothing.

    1. The cpu is getting warm, but does not be hot..
      You need a scope to find the problem with this board. I can’t tell you where you must start atm

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