Amiga 1200 – no boot

Got an Amiga 1200 for repair, which didn’t boot. Only red screen on composite, on RGB nothing.

Owner said there was a problem with kickstart 3.1, but diagrom dropped garbage..

Output on composite:

Checked all data/addreslines from rom sockets, all where good and clocks are detected..

Did a reflow, on Alice, Budgie, cpu, chipram and paula. Only blackscreen.

Solderjoints on some legs of the budgie..

hmmm, maybe i did this, or there was too much solder somewhere.. didn’t touched the legs with the hotair gun.

ok.. fixed the solderjoints..

we have serial output from diagrom. 🙂

And we have a picture!! 🙂

But the board isn’t stable, so there are some more problems, so let’s find out what’s the problem..

Budgie, a bit buggy..

Did a wiggle test, and it failed.. 1 loose pin on budgie

Fixed it, and wiggle test passed.


3 pads are gone under LISA, I placed a new quality socket, and connected pads to right signals



It’s getting hot..

I also replaced XC9, was getting a bit hot.



  • A reflow fixed the RED screen, but it caused another problem, a black screen.. no boot.. The reflow caused that excessive solder made some solderjoints..
  • Board is working, but unstable. Problem one loose leg from the Budgie, and some bad pads under the LISA.
  • Replaced XC9 because it got very very hot.



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