A600 recap terror, and video issues

On my workbench an Amiga 600, that has been recapped by.. someone..

Ohhh my god..

Removed all the THT capacitors and inspected the pads / holes.. I cleaned everything. Only one THT hole was damaged, I fixed by putting a wire through the hole to fix the contact.

Placed some nice new (good) caps.


Video issues

Blue is a bit out of range..

Composite is.. in disco mode.. 🙂


First removed C246 to disable the PAL clock that goes to the CXA1145 video encoder (U12) to see if composite signal is normal. That was not the case so it is not a clock problem.. It could be the U12 itself, so replace it, but problem still existed.


So PAL clock and U12 are not the problem, so my guess.. it is a ceramic capacitor, so decided to fix the blue color value. Replaced C213.

Blue on the RGB signal is good, let see how the composite signal looks..

Okay.. composite signal is also good.

So by replacing C213, fixed both issues (Blue on RGB and composite).

My guess, that capacitor became a resistor.. lets see..

Yes! C213 became a resistor of 1.368K Ohm..

I also replaced C211 & C212 to make it future proof..

So board is ready!







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