4 thoughts to “A1200 CIA timer failure”

  1. Hello, im the same problem with my Commodore Amiga Escom 1200 and thanks to you, now i know what is that i need to do to repair it. Thanks you very much my friend!

  2. I have the same problem, Amiga test kit shows the same error, but on DiagROM it passes all test OK. Machine seems to work fine though. What did you use to desolder the IC and solder the PLCC socket. Thanks!

    1. Hmmm that’s strange, I don’t know if the DiagROM will pass/fail this, did not try that. My suggestion is to get the last Amiga Test Kit ADF and the same for DiagROM. before you start to remove the CIA.

      What I use:
      – Hotair station to desolder the CIA
      – Kapton tape (the yellow(ish) tape) to protect the plastics and small parts from the heat
      – To solder the socket I use a normal tip and solder it pin for pin

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